Some interesting 2019 yearly astrology predictions

13 Nov

Some interesting 2019 yearly astrology predictions

The year 2019 will reserve numerous possibilities to all zodiac signs. Some, as always, will be more advantaged than others. But let’s see what the new year will signify for us sign by sign:


In 2019 people born under the sign of Aries will be real protagonists. All of the year will give them a lot of energy thanks to the particular positioning of the Pluto. The planet Saturn will also be in a privileged position with respect to Aries. Many desires will be supported by his strength. Jupiter will be in charge of the Aries economy, which will spur the person to create new bonds under that point of view. While friendships will be favored thanks to Neptune who will take care of proposing innovative solutions to old issues. Thanks to this planetary disposition you can heal the contrasts and achieve what you want.

Horoscope Bélier 2019 gratuit

The 2019 horoscope, in short, promises you a healthy productive development and emotional stability that other signs can only wish for. In this year you can finally find your true love and give a sense of change to your romantic story. You will finally have the certainties you seek in love and you will be able to get away from your disappointments in the sentimental field. All this will also help you in the field of work, where you will have many positive chances and you will not let yourself be conquered by indolence. By beating yourself for what you are, you will be able to have many financial satisfactions. Provided you deal with money issues and manage everything yourself! The positive energy that surrounds you will also affect your health: you will be energetic and ready to challenge Destiny!


If there is a sign of the horoscope whose summary of 2019 can be summarized in the term « tenacity » that is definitely the Taurus. Thanks to Mars present in your sign you will start with speed and determination. If you fight for your goals without giving up, you will be able to reach them during the course of the year. Your initiatives will be dynamic, fast and energetic: you can take advantage of the positive energy of Uranus to reach them. Always on condition that you do not let yourself be duped by negative thoughts. Leave the fear of failure behind to fully accept the idea that you can do it in spite of everything.

horoscope taureau 2019 gratuit

Thanks to Saturn in the sign of Leo you will surely know how to convince important people and improve the work sector.
If you can arm yourself with courage and inventiveness it will be a very prolific year for your finances. Much less for the family environment, as you may have controversy with your family or your neighbors. Jupiter could give rise to a lot of misunderstandings with your partner or partners: besides the tenacity you will also have to be very careful.

Repel jealousy, try to keep your nerves calm, not proceed with giant steps in the field of love: calm will surely help you. Also try to keep your shape in a state of harmony right away. In this 2019 the planets will help you to awaken the energy and increase the determination to have a perfect body. In addition you would do well to avoid over-heavy lunches and quantity dinners: they make you run the risk of increasing the greed. Your requirements for the coming year are few: exercise, healthy diet and lots of movement!


Because of Uranus and Pluto that will be unfavorable your 2019 will pass under the banner of reduced emotional availability. This behavior will affect different areas of your life and may be beneficial to you. Certainly you will tend to cut ties with people who you consider useless or unseemly to make room for others. You will be much more selective regarding the possibility of entering your life. Despite cutting old ties, your days will become smoother and more flowing. You will be able to reach a state of gratitude more easily achieving many results in the professional field.

This will help you achieve important financial goals and it is possible that you can have an increase in salary.Horoscope Gémeaux 2019 gratuit
You can achieve your goals as long as you have a good deal of diplomacy with your peers or above the job, otherwise you would only risk splitting. Feelings of love or friendship will go completely into the background: you will have to focus solely on your goals to reach them. Only during the autumn months you can give yourself some luxury love without losing your job, which will remain in your hands anyway.

Thanks to the special arrangement of the stars you will be able to achieve a very solid economic security if you give vent to your creative skills. Nevertheless, you will be led to a more sedentary lifestyle and you will have less energy to practice sport by developing a dangerous tendency to accumulate. Try, therefore, to develop already now more care of your body!


The horoscope is clear: alliances of celestial stars will be favorable to Cancer during 2019. Two of the most important planets in the entire solar system will be supporting you: Uranus and Jupiter. The first, benevolent and generous, will allow you to be more successful in the fields that you consider important.

The second will give you the creativity and originality useful to find alternative ways to achieve success. In addition to creativity you can also draw on greater security, taking advantage of your possibilities and organizing the days better. You can review the financial strategies with an eye to success and thanks to the planet Venus have more chances for love. However, you will still have to show some caution, because even the most fruitful of feelings of love requires calm.

You will have to vent your cunning and be ready to defend your feelings from the gossips. So you will win in the job too, where you will have to focus on your ambitions. Your professional qualities will be appreciated more if you will be full of initiative and desire. Even here, however, caution is needed: we must not overdo it and make the situation worse, but only aim at improvement. If you can balance the financial field well with the sentimental one, you will not be positively affected by your health. The latter will be improved even if instead of working always you will go to move a bit. At the end of the day, practicing a sport will also give you the energy to make new acquaintances and establish new relationships, as well as reinvigorate yourself.


2019 for those born under the sign of Leo will pass under the banner of rationality, logic and order. You will do everything you need to fulfill your desires and you will be able to surprise yourself with the turns that will take place in your life. Your winning card is represented by the Pluto that will offer you protection, will help you realize the ambitions and will direct your proposals. While Jupiter will help you find greater harmony with your family. In this way you will be able to reconnect previously cut ties and consolidate existing ones. On the other hand, Uranus will give you the ingenuity and cunning needed to find the best route to go through the existing ones.horoscope lion 2019 gratuit

All this to make your life more fluent in 2019, but not to encourage your climb in the workplace.
You will still need to be good at cultivating love well, even if your emotional sphere will be consolidated. Try not to create inattentions or gaps between people close to you, otherwise they may be offended. Also you would do well to stay focused and test yourself in the sentimental sphere: you could have some nice surprises from this aspect! Already from spring 2019, when you can have many promises (and give them in turn) will follow a summer full of events that you can take advantage of both in work and in love. Try, however, to always keep vigorously in exercise. They are your key to use every day to avoid the painful problems that will be reserved by the planets. You will be energetic, but do not overdo it or ignore the negative symptoms. First intervene and it will be better!


If you were born under the sign of the Virgin, 2019 will be your year, this is what the horoscope says throughout 2019. The grit, the initiative, the team play, but also the dynamism will be the factors that will allow to prevail over difficulties. You will be able to amaze those who believed you could not do anything, if you do not let yourself be overwhelmed by laziness.

upiter will help increase your popularity and allow you to create new friendships, while Pluto will help you create stronger bonds between your family and friends.
Thanks to the positioning of Neptune there is also a change in the workplace, where you can show off your best professional skills. If you have pending projects, thanks to the influence of Neptune you can successfully complete them. At your side throughout the duration of 2019 there will be good allies who will give you valuable advice: do not ignore them. Try also to get used to a healthy and balanced food style: it will be your key to success.


2019 could be a positive year for the economic aspect of all those born under the sign of Libra. Less for the sentimental sector, which will suffer a bit especially during the spring months. Nonetheless, you will still be able to achieve excellent results in terms of notoriety. Many astral allies will offer their help to improve your image in the eyes of others, but you too will have to pay attention to some factors in order not to make the situation worse. Try to be calm and relaxed during interactions with others.
Believe it or not, this will help you create a better energy atmosphere around you. The stars will give you new ideas, but you will have to realize using only your stubbornness and tenacity. Your conductor will be Neptune: a planet that gives originality and ideas. The adversities in the field of love must be overcome with the romantic spirit and poetry, to counterbalance the Venus in Capricorn and the favorable position of Mars. Try to become indispensable to your partner and try to listen to your body: Saturn invites you to moderation!


Finally comes a year when you can overcome the problems that you drag behind for many years now. If you have opened unfavorable sentimental and / or economic situations, 2019 is the right year to close them and eliminate stress and related commitments, this is what the 2019 horoscope says about the scorpion. You will have the protection of Jupiter, which will transmit you the energy necessary to live and happiness. As if all this were not enough, Uranus in the sign of Pisces will increase the sympathy towards you of others. For this it will be an optimal year to create an excellent image of you.

Pluto will contribute to this by giving you a charismatic and authoritative aspect necessary to improve your financial situation. But domestic life could become more complicated, but it will eliminate formalism and improper habits. Mars could annoy your health and slow you down at work during the first few months. So keep an eye on your well-being: sport, diet and a healthy lifestyle will multiply your chances of achieving success.


2019 is an excellent year for Sagittarius, with the presence of Pluto and Mercury that will stimulate you to achieve better results. The same planets will give you the intellectual clarity needed to expand your knowledge in the professional field. The financial promotion will be improved by the Venus, present in the sign of Capricorn.

The same Venus will help you to establish a more engaging atmosphere with your partner. Not only the money, then, but also the love through which you will be able to build a very peaceful bond and balance.
Only in the last months of the year in your love life could jealousy appear, an important enemy to be defeated without mercy. For the rest you will be able to experience deep emotions to build a lasting and special relationship. Clarity and determination will certainly help you in the field of work as well as in love. The intellectual lucidity mentioned above is also the key to not letting go of the sphere of well-being. If you can balance everything you will regain the grit, combining vivacity with dynamism, developing an excellent physical form. The stars, moreover, advise you to practice sport.


In this 2019, you will initially feel very proactive and energetic, thanks to the particular position of Mars that will try to accentuate this thrust. Venus, which will stop in your sign during the first few months of 2019, will give you more diplomatic skills, more affection, and you will be more inclined to work in a team than alone.

Mars, however, will give you the unshakable determination during the first half of the year, which you can associate with the benefits provided by Venus. This will allow you to always go forward without stopping in spite of everything.
Of course, you must also be good at achieving your goals, but with the right dose of tenacity you will do it. Think: even Jupiter is with you and helps you to multiply the opportunities. Finally eliminates half-measures: this is the year of total success. Dress with passion, be emotional towards your partner and do not forget to keep an eye on your eating habits. At least at the beginning you may hear many temptations concerning food and bad habits: do not give up!


2019 is that year when you have to decide. Many programs will be waiting for you, decisions to be made, private situations to solve and battles to face. If you succeed, it will be your turning year; if you lose your battles this year, however, could follow an ominous period for you. The difficult situations that will be created during the year could be hard to overcome.

Expect clashes with those you love to decide who commands. The 2019 of the Aquarius will be marked by the tension between Neptune and Saturn, as well as between Jupiter and Mars.
At the beginning of the year you will need to be good at balancing the home and work environment, also reserving personal time. You will also have to keep your health at bay, as family conflict could bring a lot of stress and health problems of various kinds. What to do, then? Avoid waste, be passionate, careful and never forget your body that could claim a great deal of attention.


The situation of the stars promises to the Pisceans a year difficult to forget. Full of decisive events, not at all boring, very dynamic and full of liveliness thanks to the Urano in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter will be available to you, helping you in difficult tasks. Throughout the year you will be allowed to try, dare even by bumping into situations that are apparently difficult and on unrepeatable occasions. In 2019 Pluto will help you rediscover previously lost roads, while Neptune will help develop your loving part. All of this will give you concrete and pragmatic advantages in the future.

Many projects will take shape this year, but you will have to dare! If you try to do it, build a solid foundation for the future and you will not regret the choices made. The field of love and that of friendship could bring you important news, while your metabolism will be influenced by the Urano, speeding up and expressing a vitality that others can only envy. In short: it’s your year!

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